Faye is a dance and movement teacher. She also teaches acting.

She has experience working with large groups as well as couples and private tuition. She teaches both children and adults. Faye also teaches online.

Teaching dance and movement.

Associate teacher at RADA.

Faye experienced in teaching a broad range of levels, from people with little or no performing experience to those who are experienced performers.

She regularly teach historical movement and dance at drama schools including RADA where she is an associate teacher. She enjoys exploring the subtleties of etiquette and gestures during different eras.

Testimonials from Students at RADA

“Thank you for your positivity and your energy” 
“A fun and educational dance experience” 
“Thank you for your wonderful sense of humour and energy” 

Choreography and movement direction

Faye has worked as a choreographer and movement assistant on theatre productions including “Tonight at 8.30” “Much Ado About Nothing” and “You Game”.

She has also choreographed for the RADA dramatic dining events.

More testimonials

Imogen Till: "The most fun/crazy/hilarious period movement classes ever"
Lucy Dee: "The funniest period movement teacher ever." 
Maria Collins: "Really interesting and fun thank you!" - student from online class

Faye teaches dance and period movement at several drama schools and is an associate teacher at RADA.

Choreography and Movement Direction | Selected Projects


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