Spitfire Sisters

“Faye Maughan’s Phyllis shows great conviction and sincerity. Maughan carefully shows the humanity within as the play progresses and deftly lets the audience in on what the person is really about.”
 - Spitfire Sisters (Spy in the Stalls)

Murder in the Cathedral

Photography by Richard Hubert Smith

The Project

“Faye Maughan convincingly conveys Anna’s Conflicts and compromises that contaminate her hopes for survival.”
 - The Project (Spy in the Stalls)

Photography by Leo Bacica

Fear and Misery of the Third Reich

Photography by James Wordsworth


Metamorphoses – Toby Farrow


“Faye Maughan is brilliant in her role. Even during the comic light-hearted moments she has a look of longing and desperation that shows how much she is hurting inside.”
 - Stuffed (Spy in the Stalls)

“Faye Maughan’s performance as Kim is the compelling focal point of the production.”
 - Stuffed (The Stage)

The Dice House

As You Like It

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